HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Review

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f you are considering making the move to PC gaming from a console, or it’s simply time to upgrade from your aging rig, our HP Gaming Desktop review can steer you in the right direction.

Many gamers agree that PCs allow you to better tailor your gaming experience to your needs. Plus, the overall feel of playing with a mouse and keyboard is often better with more competitive games, whether you’re running through rounds in Over watch or gearing up for another fight in your favorite MOBA.

While our review of the HP Pavilion gaming desktop will speak for itself, newcomers to the PC gaming world have a bit to learn before getting started. And if that sounds like you, it can be helpful to start with a pre-built gaming PC. It allows you to get the full experience of gaming on a PC without the hassle of tracking down and installing every component

Before we call out the specifics of the HP Pavilion gaming desktop, let’s do a quick overview of what you should look for as you shop for your gaming desktop.