Acer’s stylish new AIO desktops take on the iMac

Say what you will about  I Mac desk , but you can’t deny the universal appeal of Apple’s design language. Recently, PC manufacturers have been hitting back with design highlights of their own. Case in point: the new Acer Aspire S series, a pair of all-in-one desktop designs that are clearly trying to take a bite out of the iMac’s market share. They’ll be showing up on store shelves later this year.

The Aspire S will come in 27-inch and 32-inch flavors, with a muted aluminum blue finish available in both sizes and the smaller machine also coming in a sort of goldish-bronze. The internal components are all shoved into the column-like stand, with I/O ports on the back and sides and a singular speaker sitting right above the base. The display panels are 1440p LCDs with super-slim bezels.

Despite the sleek lines of the hardware, the internals are nothing to sneeze at. The 27-inch version gets 12th-gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with Xe graphics, while the 32-inch version has room for a Core i7-13700 and Intel’s new Arc discrete graphics. (Exactly which GPU it will use wasn’t disclosed — presumably a laptop-style A-series.) Both machines come with Wi-Fi 6E as well as USB-C, dedicated Ethernet, and HDMI-in ports, so the desktops can also double as a conventional monitor for other PCs or game consoles.