Bluebird & Surya Resin Ribbon

PRINT LABELS, TAGS AND BARCODES – Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is ideal for printing sharp, crisp, rotated barcodes, labels and tags at high speed with most of the branded barcode printers available in the market. Great barcode printing ribbon for Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Inventory & Logistics, Pharmaceutical, and Retail Industry. EXCEPTIONALLY DENSE BLACK PRINT – Resin Barcode Ribbon offers dense and crystal clear black prints that are easily readable and have high quality. It is an exceptional choice for most of the barcode printing needs where good smudge and scratch resistance is required due to its advanced manufacturing process that suits most applications. COMPATIBLE WITH MOST BARCODE PRINTER BRANDS: No matter which brand’s thermal printer you are using, just check the size at go for it. It is compatible for all printing applications with all major barcode thermal printer brands like TSC, Zebra, DNP, Datamax, Sony, Dynic, ITW, Ricoh, Armor, etc. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Shipping Labels, Inventory, Retail tags, Tickets, Storage Labels, Warning Labels, Shelf Labeling, and Product labeling. Recommended Label stocks: Coated Paper, NON TEARABLE POLYESTER , Synthetic Paper, Tag, etc. COMPLETE PROTECTION: Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a general purpose ribbon particularly adapted to high-rated label, tag and barcode printing applications where good mechanical resistance is required. It offers print quality that is smudge-proof, waterproof, grease, chemical and solvent resistant.

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  • Color: Black Ink: Out Wind: Normal Core: 1” Cor
  •  Size: 110mm x 300M
  • Ink: Out Wind
  • Normal Core: 1” Core